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The Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas, Inc. is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1975, in Brooklyn, New York. During the years of existence, the association has grown from just a New York-based organization to a national association, with 18 chapters in 18 states. The objectives of the association are, fostering peace among Grand Gedeans living in the United States and Canada, and mobilizing resources for the reconstruction of Liberia, Grand Gedeh County in particular.

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Latest News

Published on September 13, 2014
Dr. Elsie Kambor County Health Officer of Grand Gedeh County

According to information coming out of Liberia, people are fleeing from other parts of the country seeking refuge Grand Gedeh county to avoid the Ebola virus.
Grand Gedeh County is seeing the influx of people from Nimba, Sinoe, and River Gee Counties.
Right now, Grand Gedeh is regarded as one of the safest counties within the country where there is no known case of the Ebola virus as of yet.

Published on September 9, 2014

Many great people have lived on this earth and died. But unlike most people who are forgotten when they pass on, the names and legacies of great people live on for decades and centuries, if not eternity. But the question that I want us as Grand Gedeans to ponder as we bemoan the home going of the man that I believe is one of the greatest sons that Grand Gedeh has ever produced is, what makes a person great?

Published on September 2, 2014

Presented By: Dr. Elsie G. Karmbor

County Health Officer


Key achievements/Activities

•Established Ebola taskforce at county, District and Chiefdom levels with daily coordination meeting held at county level.

Published on August 19, 2014

There will be a general meeting, via conference call, for all GGAA members on Thursday August 21, 2014 at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central times. Agenda for the meeting will include, but not limited to:
1. Update from the Dr. Eugenia Cooper-Merchant Ebola Awareness and Prevention Committee
2. Update on the Ebola situation in the County by
a. County Superintendent, Hon. Peter Solo
b. County Healthcare Team
Call#: 857-232-0476
Code: 392727

Published on July 31, 2014
Health and Sanitation Committee Chair Mrs. Nyentoh Breeze-Doe

The national administration of the Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas Inc. (GGAA) held an emergency meeting with doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare professionals yesterday to devise strategies on how to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus into Grand Gedeh County.